Since the early 2000s Jool have written and produced music for film&TV, toured around the world as solo artist and guest musician with Michael Sembello, Kim Sanders, Howard Donald, Alle Farben, Bed and Breakfast, George Clinton, Don Peake, Marlon, Helge Schneider and many more. After enjoying many years of experiences resulting from collaborations, Jool decided to unite a pool of musicians, composers, producers, engineers amongst other creatives he met over the years and called his mission “Good Luck Recordings”.
A name not without reason. Fashion labels took his style ideas into their collections, filmmakers into movies, musicians took over concepts that made them successful, song titles entered the charts, which complied in collaborations delegated by him.
An example for his passionate teamwork is the ZDF co-produced TV Series “Familie Braun”. The  production team trusted Jool very shortly before release and asked for help in completing the soundtrack. Jool composed, produced and supervised a part of the soundtrack. In late 2017 the series won the International Emmy Award in addition to the German Comedy Award amongst other awards.
“Music first”, Jool said. “Music is my great love.”
Whether in the end someone knows whether it was me who created something or not. I was growing up without internet. At that time, people just wanted to make music and not be famous haha.
I just love to send unfiltered emotions and messages of love into the world. I consciously came into contact with music since I was born. My Dad was an entrepreneur and a bassist. Our mother woke us up every morning with American soul and blues music and danced happily to it. Areatha Franklin, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder – Master Blaster, Wish, Isn’t she lovely, Superstitious, Otis Redding – Respect, the dock of a bay, I’ve Got Dreams to Remember , James Brown, Little Richard, J.J Cale, Eric Clapton, Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, B.B.King, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, Lightning Hopkins…were some of their favorite songs & artists and from the very first moment they became mine”.
An underground star par excellence, as the press once described him, because he always remained independent and shunned populism.
You can hardly find interviews  or press about him in the net. Although he is anything but inconspicuous as an apparition, instantly polarized and unmistakable, he is all about sharing joie de vivre and inspiration not to reach fame. In contrast, he has some famous colleagues as fans. 17 year old Adele wrote to him: “I love your weird style”. Alannah Myles wrote: “Total entertainment” and John Mc Laughlin also keeping a long story short: “Great music”.
You can describe his music as a Tarantino road trip, dirty bluesy, the same time futuristic genre eclectic and always a flirt with the future the same time with the past. Everything might happen, Deep House with bluesy slide guitar, trad. flamenco with crying Wah Wah solo guitar, 80s pop meets future dance, House Electro meets Rock, Bossa Nova flirting with Hip-Hop. You can enjoy his unique sound creations daily on TV and radio worldwide, from RTL to ARD, from SWR to WDR, BBC to FOX, from France 2 to Nederland3…
In 2010 he first met  Motown musicians behind all time greats like Ray Charles, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Jackson 5.
In Los Angeles he did some live recordings with Hall of Fame musician Don Peake. On drums James Gadson, Bass Freddy Washington and many more.
Early on, Jool was interested in recording technology and film music. His first recording studio was a 4-Track Yamaha tape recorder with a drum computer and various stringed instruments. By that time he received an invitation to London from the Oasis label Big Brothers Recordings, who heard his first demo recordings and certified: “Lots of potential”.  They offered him a collaboration. At the same time he received an offer from EMI in Germany. He initially decided to stay in Germany.
Jool always develops new vocal characters. Listen to his songs on www.vfxrock.com “Strong Hearts”, “Alive” , “American Toy”, “La Vida”, ” Dream for a Lover”, “Turnings”, “America der Lenz ist da” or “What is love”. Its all him singing and often playing instruments, producing, mixing and master.
Its funny to have a listen because it unleashes his comedy talent. By his own admission, Jool felt wonderful in the role of the class clown at school back in the years. Listen to his comedy version of “Ghostbusters” or his track “Peace” if u get a chance.
In 1999 it was Hans Müller, once worked for Polygram, who discovered Jool’s guitar playing and production talent. Among other artists, Müller helped Dire Straits to succeed.
So Selected Sound released Jool’s first solo instrumental album “Spicy Guitar Roots”, which already combined elements from Deep House, Blues, Hip Hop, ElectroFunk, Rock and Dance. Followed by several albums on which he unfold his love to world music how to fuse native world music. A good example is Acoustic Fusion and World Fusion from the years 2001, 2002. On his album Movie Road, the artist  incorporated more Indian, Arabic and Spanish elements. When in 2005 followed Jools first artist album “Jools Diary”, his music scores in many films, series and commercial spots worldwide. Check out Jool Track American Toy in Canadians  series Lost Girl or Together in Taiwans Scottish Leader Whiskey spot. By the way, Jewel Timo’s songs surprise here and there. “Get Sugarfunky” loosened up the crowd onto the red carpet of the Oscars in Hollywood as background music.
Nature always played a leading role in Jool’s life. So he always stood up for her. Extraordinary 1000 km nature trips by bike in early childhood included. Sometimes he went spontaneous on European road trips with his band projects to get inspiration for new songs and ideas. Again and again, the artist is inspired by traveling to unusual places to new music concepts and compositions. For his instrumental album “The Mystery of the Golden Road” he traveled for several months through Asia and Australia in 2016.
In 2020, Jools new studio and production album “The A&O” has been released by Warner Chappell.
In May 2020 was a touching collaboration with Udo Lindenberg during the corona pandemic. When the result will be made available to the general public has not yet been announced.
In 2022 Jool released the production music album VFX Rock.
In the beginning of 2023 Helge Schneider hired Jool as a bassist in his band.
End of 2023 Jool released his new official solo album “Anti War Diaries”.
Anti War Diaries – Das neue Studioalbum von Jool
Das sagen Fans über das neue Jool Album “Anti War Diaries”
“Für mich ist das international Top 10!”
“Absoluteley radicle!”
“Das beste was ich in meinem Leben gehört habe”.
“Jool macht unmögliche Genremixe möglich, in einer Coolness, die keinem anderen Künstler gelingt.
“What a journey.”

Funfacts Biography

He was on a world tour with star DJs, Clint Eastwood once asked him if he could take a photo of him, his almost global hit “Alive” was already 10 years old when he appeared in a commercial for the US cult series “The Vampire Diaries”, a hype broke out on the song.
10 years earlier, in the year 2000, the Oasis brothers’ label  invited the guitar hero to London and offered a collaboration. Adele came out as Joolfan at the tender age of 17.
What may surprise you too is that Helge Schneider hired Jool as a bassist in his band in 2023.

If you didn’t know anything about this, that’s completely okay. Jool avoided the media for years and didn’t tell anyone about what was really happening in his life.

There’s actually nothing in Jool’s life that isn’t surprising.

He was the first artist ever to venture into discos outside of his hometown, wearing only a guitar and mixing rock with dance music. For that reason alone he should have been banned from the house. But everything turned out completely differently. The girls jumped on the tables and the boys drank the last of their alcohol reserves.
The triumph of a completely new species could no longer be stopped.
Jool wore skin-tight gold leggings, no shirt and no panties and spontaneously distorted all of the DJs’ new ideas and remixes.

Like no one else before, he performed jams in which he spontaneously composed new songs for the DJ set in front of party crowds. In other words, songs and remixes that different DJs introduced to the crowd in their sets or simply invited people to the party, Jool added new guitar chords and voicings, sometimes he also sang new chorus lines in fantasy language and gave one or another song a genre direction that it didn’t even exist yet. (only for those who don’t understand all of this). This was to have a lasting influence on electric dance music. Jool became one of the most influential indie artists.

This changed everything, the earth changed from a disk to a sphere and everything rotated… (no longer just according to Jool). At first, no one believed that Jool could do more than just look good. But Jool played his ass off, grew his beard and continued to paint his toenails red.
This also rubbed off on the world. People didn’t know what they were dealing with, they were wondering, is he a man or a woman?

The world, which had now become round and loose, promptly introduced the third gender. How else can you cope when there are already people who you don’t even know what they are anymore? Genderfluid set out on the path to becoming a big global star. It’s no longer just Conchita Wurst, …or Harry Styles who are dressing up, no, even LIL NAS X.J CHRIST is doing it.
People began to feel like they were longing for a new freedom, for other organs of action.

Perhaps even the desire arose within them to marry themselves.
Nobody knows what else will happen next.

Anti War Diaries – The new studio album from Jool out now!

This is what fans say about the new Jool album “Anti War Diaries”

“For me this is top 10 internationally!”
“Absolutely radical!”
“The best thing I’ve heard in my life”.
“Jool makes impossible genre mixes possible, with a coolness that no other artist can achieve.

Press release
Multi Award artist, producer, singer &songwriter who once toured the world with star DJs and inspired dance music by spontaneously joining DJ sets with guitar and singing, creating a new style and new songs live in front of an audience. One reason why Jool’s influence on electronic dance music is still present today across the genres. Jool was also the first to let electric (rock) guitar meet house and electro and its musical relatives and to attract the crowd at popular events worldwide rocked in ecstasy. And in his own unique way. He performed at international fashion shows and was an MTV and Red Bull resident artist for around 10 years. His appearance also left its mark and, to his own surprise, ultimately led to gender fluidity and the introduction of a new gender. Jool on this and about his status as an underground star: “Right from the start of my life, it was simply about peace, freedom and music. And I was ready to do anything for it. If necessary, even as a secret agent on behalf of art. Anyone Media hype dilutes art. I have given up on media hype and am still here. After about 1000 original compositions, I have to admit, it often feels to me as if I was just composing the first song. This can be understood in very different ways . I see it as an opportunity to learn forever.”
The all-rounder recently toured as a bassist with Helge Schneider.
His surprise hit “Alive” as heard in The Vampire Diaries may be the epitome of the timeless song. When the US production company for the cult series used Jool’s title in their advertising, it sparked a hype among Vampire Diaries fans. But the fans neither knew who was behind this song, as the production company had not given an artist credit, nor that Jool had already composed, performed and produced the song 10 years earlier. The title was then offered B2B, without a commercial release .
The VD fans assumed it was a new song that might have been produced exclusively for their favorite series. So they searched for almost a year! after the artist behind “Alive”. This may be a unique event in music history, so much so that even the Vampire Diaries production company no longer seemed comfortable with the whole thing and they quickly had their promo videos deleted on YouTube, which had already reached almost 7-digit clicks in a short time and had 100th comments on them celebrated the title of glam rocker. Jool even beat out Florence & the Machine, who were also placed in the Vampire Diaries season commercial with a title.
Award winning composer, producer, singer and songwriter, mixing engineer, guitarist Jool a.k.a. Jewel Timo known for his soundtrack work as heard in The Vampire Diaries, Familie Braun (Lara), Sherlock-The Empty Hearse, Lost Girl-Scream a little Dream (American Toy), Justice League and many more started singing at the age of 6, playing the guitar at the age of 9. At the age of 14 he began to write and produce first own songs, got his first Band and learned a couple of instruments like Bass, Drums and Keys besides.

Working with Michael Sembello at Black Rock Studios. ::::

Good Luck Recording

Clients (Excerpt)
Lionsgate, Mercedes, ZDF, Sony, MTV, Warner Music, EMI, Universal Music, BBC, Oprah Winfrey, BMW, Arte, Red Bull, Yamaha, Disney Channel, Tommy Hilfiger, Boss, Scottish Leader Whiskey and many more
Producer, Composer, Mix Engineer, GLR-Founder
Christopher Noodt
Keys, Piano, Composer
Jack Cook
Composer, Singer, Piano
Simon Rohde
Mix Engineer, Composer, Assistent Producer
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